Remote Monitoring

CNS offers remote monitoring services for both wired and wireless data networks. Remote monitoring can proactively alert network administrators of any possible issues.

Being able to proactively monitor data networks reduces the amount of recovery time in case of a network issue. Network downtime can also be diminished as network administrators can swap a defective hard drive or network switch during off-hours in order to avoid any network downtime during working hours where users are most busy.


Backup and recovery is one of the most important parts of a well-designed and well-planned network infrastructure as issues will occur. Our network engineers can help you design a plan that will work according to your needs.

Having a full backup can save your company headaches in case of a catastrophic event such as fire or flooding. By having a backup at an off-site for example can save companies millions of dollars in recovery efforts.

Onsite Staff/Project Management

CNS can provide onsite staff for short and long-term projects. Being able to have a trained employee can make your network operations runs smoother as the right decisions can be made.

Project management can also help you be successful in deployment of new technologies in your network and will also increase the proficiency in which your network operates.