Infrastructure Design...


Complex Network Solutions (CNS) is a Cisco Premiere Certified Partner. We have a successful team of certified Network Analyst and Engineers.

We have the expertise and tools to help you design, deploy, and manage your network infrastructure..

Network Security

CNS can help you secure your network by designing a well-planned, well-structured network. Our past experience will help you not only deter and mitigate any possible network attacks but will also design a network based on your security hierarchy.

Firewall deployment is essential in any network were sensitive data is shared amongst users either on the local Intranet or the World Wide Web.


Voice over IP communication has sky rocketed over the last years and every company ranging from small business to corporate networks have made the switch.

Voice over IP phone networks not only are more reliable but can also be integrated with your existing data network. Voice networks are easier to manage and can also save companies a lot of money as there is a quick return of investment due to the lack of having to pay requiring costs for traditional land lines.