Video Surveillance...


The deployment of IP based surveillance systems allow administrators to easily add new cameras without having the need to bring a physical connection from the camera to the DVR. IP cameras have a wider range of features that are only available to IP network based surveillance systems.

Adding IP cameras to a Digital/IP DVR solution is as easy as plugging the device to an existing data port in your network. IP based DVR systems can grow quickly and the deployment time is reduced as well.


Analog DVR systems can be deployed where cost is an issue. Analog video systems are still in use today but digital or IP based networks have taken over.

Analog systems can also be deployed where existing coax runs exist and user wants to upgrade their existing software and hardware devices in order to take advantage of new features.


Hybrid DVR systems support both IP and analog cameras. These systems offer features provided by IP cameras while also allowing analog cameras to be connected to the Hybrid DVRs.

This solution can be deployed where new IP cameras are needed and where it would be too costly to be able to upgrade analog cameras. Analog cameras can still function under Hybrid DVRs but IP based systems are taking over the market at a very fast rate.